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Biewers, Yorkshire Terriers and Rhodesian Ridgebacks


питомник собак Грэйскод

Small breed dogs in the kennel is a Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer.These decorative dogs are very beautiful and attract General attention. But it is important to know that they require care, Your attention, like any other breed, they need training and training.

The Yorkshire Terrier today is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. You can see them everywhere. Biewer, on the contrary is quite a rare and exclusive breed, which quickly wins the hearts of dog lovers and to become more known and beloved. The uniqueness of these two dog breeds is that these dogs combine a lot of positive qualities and abilities along with glamorous appearance.

The third breed of the kennel – Rhodesian Ridgeback. This is amazing, just stunning in its beauty and grace, dogs that don't impress anyone who saw them.

These dogs havn’t undercoat, which means these dogs do not have the distinctive smell that in my opinion it is very important when keeping dogs in the apartment. The gorgeous coat of the Biewer and the Yorkshire Terrier doesn't shed, these dogs look great as oroshennoe with long hair and a haircut.

If You decide to buy a puppy in our kennel, we will help You select the best option for You. We can buy your puppy is a loyal member of the family, and gorgeous representative of the breed - the conqueror of exhibitions. In any case, the puppies are sold with the necessary documents, they are made in a timely vaccination (documents Export Pedigree, chip, rabies). You can always count on comprehensive assistance to nursery.

Apart from selling puppies, the kennel offers breeding males for mating beaver. Checked up on posterity.

питомник грэйскод

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